What I do

Maros Pristas

I create webs that sell. On my webs, every button has been carefully placed and tested. Connecting the webs to online campaigns gives me feedback to improve your cost per acquisition. Selling strategies include lead generating webs, support webs, newsletters that work, CRM techniques, etc. In short, I find a way to attract new customers using modern techniques of the internet.

Currently work with:

Windows 7 gadgets

(www.windows-7-gadgets.com) Since I was looking for some productivity tools for Windows 7 and found only a few, I decided to put together my own gadgets.

Slim&GO non-invasive beauty treatments

(slimngo.cz, leader in the industry). My job as head of marketing is to plan, delegate, follow through, control and evaluate all marketing efforts. This includes web development (i cooperate with a professional graphic and part-time programmer), testing (set up A/B, multi-variable, PPC campaigns) and evaluating (mainly CPA, PPC campaigns). Slim&Go web includes “ask us a question,” where specialists reply to people’s questions, system for converting leads into orders (assigning a time and creating a book of orders) and a system for internal handling of Grupon-like vouchers.

Stefan Pristas

(pristas.sk top roundwood export company). My job is to generate new leads, make contact, deal with new clients until they arrive for inspection of goods. The amount of relevant leads doubled in four months, leading to 20% increase in EXW prices.


Pilot shop redesign- part of the team for a pilot shop. My job is to coordinate the project and communicate with the client.

Nejvyhodnejsi Pausal

(nejvyhodnejsipausal.cz lead generation web for Vodafone.cz partner). Soon to be absorbed by a larger project, my job is to create a leadgen website, set-up online campaigns and find out CPA to be used as a decisive information for a larger investment project.

Imperium Krasy

(imperiumkrasy.cz, the beauty industry consultancy). My job in the Empire is to provide information to clients in the beauty business. Starting with optimizing webpages (even entirely rebuilding them like that of VIP Clinic (vipclinic.sk) or Althea (althea.cz)).


flatshare.cz. One of my first projects years ago. Kept in almost original version. It makes me feel good that despite graphically and technically outdated, the new owner of Flatshare.cz is happy with the conversions, ease of use and especially- he can change the room availability anytime, anywhere. Nevertheless, we are working on redesign.

and others


Side projects include:

donation web for Taminka (taminka.sk). The design was particularly demanded by Taminka’s family. Otherwise, I put it all together. Currently, we are working on the English and German versions of the web.

job-searching web brigadyzadarmo.sk including an Android app (discontinued). This was an unsuccessful project. Maybe required more work, but I had to pick priorities. Nevertheless, the Android app is currently among the top Slovak apps, so I’m considering pulling it out of the drawer once again.

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Web Development

I consider myself talented for launching new online projects, developing websites and selling online.

Web development

That means that I can :

Communicate with potential and current clients

3x listen 1x suggest

Plan and delegate

I work with other freelance professionals, particularly with graphics if I need a brand new layout or programmer to translate the layout. For pages that require advanced SEO and linkbuilding in large scale, I have a very special friend. I don’t work with photographers very often, because photography is my hobby. Nevertheless, I cooperate with a freelancer on videos, because I consider video to be one of the main sell factors. Daria would not let me do her webpage, but her first video for us has been seen 178,000+ times and it even reached the stage where it was spreading viraly (178,000 might not seem a lot, but given the 10 million population of Czech Republic and the 7,500 count set by competition, it was considered a tremendous success.)

Control and put the pieces together

It helps a lot that I am familiar with almost all jobs I delegate. I know how long it takes to do certain task in photoshop or code a certain feature in Dreamwaver. Or make a video in Pinnacle, create flash banner in Adobe Flash. Because most of the work is shared on cloud server, I can oversee the progress and in urgent and less complicated cases, step in and do the jobs on my own. At the end, I put the pieces together, fine-tune and present.

Test and evaluate

I like to do the testing myself, as it is usually connected to launching FB or Adwords campaign to streamline the visitors. I look for the paths leading to sale and eliminate redundant steps. What usually follows is A/B testing for photos, text, button placements, colors, etc. Website is (or should be, if it want’s to be successful) a neverending process.
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Contact me

From September 2011, I only work with current clients and I am not accepting new ones. Exceptions:  If your name is Mr. Cunha OR you complete 2 out of 3 conditions:

1. Very interesting project.

2. Offer I can’t refuse ($$$).

3. Public good and helping those in need.

If you have limited experience with web developers, please read this article.

Corporate Fontawesome and Placeholders

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